Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life, Love, and Friendship

Life, love, and friendship. Three separate facets all very important on their own. When blended they become a harmonious pleasure of delight and contentment. It is almost as if you can hear the harp and the angels in heaven singing a love song just for you. My wish is that everyone reading this today can feel warmth in their heart, the angel's songs, and abundant affection overflowing and reaching the very soul of the one that makes your life brimming with love and friendship.

Remember to always hug your dogs because only God loves you more.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Love of a Woman

My poor baby Abby suffered an injury and had to have a minor surgery on Monday. She somehow spilt her nail and the quick into two separate halves. The vet had to sedate her, cut the entire nail off up to the highest point and wrapped it and gave her some pain meds and an antibiotic for a week. We go back next Monday to see how it is healing. All I can say is it is a full time job trying to get her to keep the gauze bandage on and now with this rain to keep it dry.

Just when I was feeling some very difficult heartache and pain in my life, this happened, it is as if God had this minor injury happen with Abby to take my mind off myself and my issues and be the loving caregiver I need to be for her. Taking care of her this week will be a full time job, but my dogs are my security blanket and my happiness when I am saddened and blue.

My heart has been bounced around and my head has been spinning to the point I am dizzy and very tired. Love is such a very fragile emotion and when you feel your heart has been ignored you cannot help but feel lost, sad, and empty. Just as bad is when you give your heart and promises to someone and they refuses to see their own errors and turn their hurt/anger onto you. I know now, it is the honesty and the commitment, the true feelings from deep within, the courage to say you are sorry, and the willingness to make things a little better each and everyday that is needed to secure a lasting love relationship. I am not perfect, I too make mistakes but I have no regrets; I just follow my heart to where it has brought me and I know I have to work and do whatever I can as well to make this last forever. I am simple really, I ask only for an I love you every day, a kiss goodbye and a kiss hello, honest thoughts and feelings, a phone call returned, a message sent with only loving words and sealed and signed with a kiss. Woman are not hard to figure out, we just need love, attention, and to never be turned away or ignored when we really need to talk to the one we love. If the man of my heart is not willing to give me a few minutes when I need them the most, then I can promise they won’t last in my heart very long. Love me as I should be loved and cared for, and you will have me and my love forever. There is such a man, and he is the love of my life and keeps showing me he loves me, cares about me, and is willing to be there for me 100%. Love is special and I will always from this point on treat it with the respect and attention it needs.

Don’t forget to hug your pups because only God loves you more.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Perfect Love

I always thought for sure there was no such thing as a perfect love, but now I think differently. A broken heart from a loved one hurts, it stings, and it burns, but it can be repaired with new promises made and old mistakes cast aside. A new future plan laid out for the continued journey and a promise of the two hearts are 100% in agreement that this love affair is what they need, want, and are willing to work at, a perfect love is possible. Nothing is ever the best it can be the first time around, it takes falling down and asking for forgiveness and giving of yourself to make it move past the hard times and into the new beginning. Love is a very difficult emotion, it can make you feel the most unparalleled best you have ever felt in your life or it can make you crawl into the deepest darkest place in your soul. I find that honesty, communication, trust, a giving heart, and forgiveness, can make a relationship sustain for years, but the look in each others eyes, the closeness of a hug, you know the snuggle factor, a soft kiss, holding of hands, a whisper in the ear saying "I love you", and a beautiful smile also make the love grow stronger. There is no one answer for all, but if you can love with an open honest heart, soften your tone when a loved one is hurting, listen to your loved one, and always end your written sentences to to your love with a sign off of “I love you” even if you are a bit upset at that moment then I think you can be pretty sure your love will last forever. Never give up, and always make your loved one feel as if it is the last day you will be together, because some day, it will be.

Remember hug your pups because only God loves you more than your dogs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life and The Journey

Life is a strange and wonderful experience. I have had a life that some would envy and yet others would trade for the big box on the floor or what‘s behind curtain number one. I won’t bore anyone with the details because they are not the many point here today.

When I was younger, so much younger than today…sorry just had to. So as I was saying, when I was younger, the older generation would tell me that life is what you make it, life is meant to be lived, life is a journey, and so on. Well, now that I am among the, ahem, older generation, I one hundred percent agree with those wise philosophers of my past, so yes Virgina, life really is a journey.

The journey each of us is on is boundless and distinct; even family members do not have the same journey as you do, or I do. A life's journey is as unique as two snowflakes and the one you have is yours and yours alone and even if I don’t buy into that whole, life is what you make it farce, it is something you need to work on each and every day. Just as a champion rose gardener has to cultivate and meticulously be aware of what is in proximity to the roses, what might invade the roses, what the dangers are, and just as important, what the marvelous and mind-blowing essentials are. We must learn to make this same type of dedication with our lives.

I have learned just recently that if you want something very special, ask for it. If you want to be treated special, ask for it. If you need something you are not getting in a relationship, then ask for. Only then, if it cannot be given and you insist you must have it, then your journey must take you in the direction that can provide you with what you desire. Sometimes we humans get so caught up in our everyday tasks in life that we forget to take time for ourselves and our happiness. It shouldn’t be complicated at all, a slow walk holding hands, a dinner for two homemade with love, a wet sloppy dog kiss (no French kissing please), the sun rise, the laugh of a baby, the breath of a puppy, simple pleasures life can give us with little effort and huge rewards.

Don’t take life so seriously, you will get hurt more than if you take a relaxed and comfortable stance as you walk the path on your journey. Your path may have a rainbow’s pot of gold at the end, or maybe just a simple good night kiss from the one you love; either way, I would consider myself blessed.

Don’t forget to hug your pups and remember, only God loves you more than your dog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Does it Hurt So Much?

I am in daily pain so naturally when I am online I seek blogs and articles on pain; a very sad revelation for me was to realize so many people like me are in pain.

Since I was told of my RA I have asked God and anyone listening, why does it hurt so much? It is not only a physical pain it transfers over into every aspect of my daily life. I have not received an answer to my question on why it hurts so much, and to be honest, I don’t expect one, sad to say I do find comfort from the knowledge that I am not alone in my battle. People grieve over a lost loved one or friend, but people also, like me, grieve over the loss of good heath.

So I, as many others do every day across the world muse, why does life have to hurt so much? Children our the innocence in our lives and their little brains are always asking questions like, where does rain come from, why do dogs bark, how did they build such a tall building, or where do babies come from? The children grow and go to school and are taught the answers to all these questions and given answers to questions they had not even asked yet. But there is one question to which we never get an answer, why does suffering exists?

I have learned from all my reading that we must all find some part of this answer ourselves, from within. As we live our lives we continue to seek the knowledge to advance forward, reach upwards, and never stop looking for an answer…for if we do, our very souls establish we are forever destined to suffer and become locked into a dark dangerous place where there is no light or hope.

In order for me to feel comfort and to find an inner peace to my pain and suffering, I seek out unconditional love for it is the everlasting hope within me that pushes me onward. I find comfort in my family and loved ones, but it doesn’t measure up to the love I receive from my dogs, every day, every hour, every second, they are there for me with wet sloppy kisses and are willing snuggle babies that can outdo a box of tissues any day for tears and fears. They are such simple creatures, and yet they bring this unequaled reassurance and calm to my life.

We all search for answers and clarifications on how to make it through the rest of our lives when we are faced with grim and radical changes in our bodies. It affects not just us but our loved ones as well. It also engulfs with it our finances, our daily activities, our four legged children, and our friends. Our desires and dreams and all the plans laid out for our life into old age and retirement; taken away with the pain that came washing ashore and went out to sea again taking with it our life expectations and so much more.

So I try to accept as many wet kisses as I can get, try to smile though the pain, and laugh at the amount of pills I must swallow each and every day. Life may not be fair, and it may be full of pain, but I am still here, breathing and alive, able to still ask the question, why does life hurt so much?

I consider myself blessed and thank God everyday I am granted a new sunrise and a new wet sloppy kiss.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Our finest moments come from our source of passion. Most would describe love and passion in the same definition, but this is not so. Passion lies within all of us. Passion speaks to us with acuity and can reveal itself as a assortment of human emotions as it waits patiently within. Passion is always lurking, guiding, influencing, hibernating. It can be a beast that consumes us in a rage, it can bring us euphoric ecstasy, it steers us on a journey and dominates our very souls. Our grief evolves from the beast of passion and yet so does our love, at times the passion overwhelms us and we hate it but how do we live with out it? True inner peace may come from the extraction of passion from our core, but what would remain if the passion was gone? An emptiness so hollow and dank that we may just consider the fact that we are no more, for passion is what gives us life and without the unwavering passion will unquestionably come a certain death.

My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am. Please remember to hug your pups.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stormy Inside

Have you ever had a time in your life when things were all going so happily and there was nothing but sunshine beaming down upon your world? That is where I used to be in my head, for a period of time before the storm clouds and grey skies moved in. They seemed to have entered with a swift and dramatically forceful entry, but I know the more realistic version is they were creeping ever closer and I just kept ignoring them. I construe my heart and soul is thrashing about trying to eradicate itself from the rampant turmoil inside of me and be free from the pain and agony. My body incessantly shakes and quivers as it labors to find a tranquility within. I do not know how to break off this crazy merry-go-round it just keeps spinning and spinning and playing over and over this horrific mocking song as it rotates me under the storm clouds.

Always remember to hug the pups, as only God loves you more than they do.