Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Perfect Love

I always thought for sure there was no such thing as a perfect love, but now I think differently. A broken heart from a loved one hurts, it stings, and it burns, but it can be repaired with new promises made and old mistakes cast aside. A new future plan laid out for the continued journey and a promise of the two hearts are 100% in agreement that this love affair is what they need, want, and are willing to work at, a perfect love is possible. Nothing is ever the best it can be the first time around, it takes falling down and asking for forgiveness and giving of yourself to make it move past the hard times and into the new beginning. Love is a very difficult emotion, it can make you feel the most unparalleled best you have ever felt in your life or it can make you crawl into the deepest darkest place in your soul. I find that honesty, communication, trust, a giving heart, and forgiveness, can make a relationship sustain for years, but the look in each others eyes, the closeness of a hug, you know the snuggle factor, a soft kiss, holding of hands, a whisper in the ear saying "I love you", and a beautiful smile also make the love grow stronger. There is no one answer for all, but if you can love with an open honest heart, soften your tone when a loved one is hurting, listen to your loved one, and always end your written sentences to to your love with a sign off of “I love you” even if you are a bit upset at that moment then I think you can be pretty sure your love will last forever. Never give up, and always make your loved one feel as if it is the last day you will be together, because some day, it will be.

Remember hug your pups because only God loves you more than your dogs.


Lennie Clark said...

I love your story. It is as beautiful as you are.
I Love You....
Your Husband Xoxoxoxo

CC said...

It is u baby that makes me feel so very much loved and beautiful . Love that is special and meant to be will be and will be a beautiful love story as it unfolds and grows each new day.