Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life and The Journey

Life is a strange and wonderful experience. I have had a life that some would envy and yet others would trade for the big box on the floor or what‘s behind curtain number one. I won’t bore anyone with the details because they are not the many point here today.

When I was younger, so much younger than today…sorry just had to. So as I was saying, when I was younger, the older generation would tell me that life is what you make it, life is meant to be lived, life is a journey, and so on. Well, now that I am among the, ahem, older generation, I one hundred percent agree with those wise philosophers of my past, so yes Virgina, life really is a journey.

The journey each of us is on is boundless and distinct; even family members do not have the same journey as you do, or I do. A life's journey is as unique as two snowflakes and the one you have is yours and yours alone and even if I don’t buy into that whole, life is what you make it farce, it is something you need to work on each and every day. Just as a champion rose gardener has to cultivate and meticulously be aware of what is in proximity to the roses, what might invade the roses, what the dangers are, and just as important, what the marvelous and mind-blowing essentials are. We must learn to make this same type of dedication with our lives.

I have learned just recently that if you want something very special, ask for it. If you want to be treated special, ask for it. If you need something you are not getting in a relationship, then ask for. Only then, if it cannot be given and you insist you must have it, then your journey must take you in the direction that can provide you with what you desire. Sometimes we humans get so caught up in our everyday tasks in life that we forget to take time for ourselves and our happiness. It shouldn’t be complicated at all, a slow walk holding hands, a dinner for two homemade with love, a wet sloppy dog kiss (no French kissing please), the sun rise, the laugh of a baby, the breath of a puppy, simple pleasures life can give us with little effort and huge rewards.

Don’t take life so seriously, you will get hurt more than if you take a relaxed and comfortable stance as you walk the path on your journey. Your path may have a rainbow’s pot of gold at the end, or maybe just a simple good night kiss from the one you love; either way, I would consider myself blessed.

Don’t forget to hug your pups and remember, only God loves you more than your dog.

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