Friday, August 17, 2012

A Dog's Will

When humans die, they make a will
To leave their homes and all they have
To those they love.
I, too, would make a will if I could write;

To some poor wistful lonely stray
I leave my happy home,
My dish, my cozy bed, my cushioned chair, my toy, my human's bed, my big back yard,

The well-loved lap, the gently stoking hand,
The loving voice,
The place I made in someone’s heart,
The love that, at the last, could help me to
A peaceful, painless end,
Held in loving arms.

If I should die, Oh! Do not say,
“No more a pet I’ll have
To grieve me by its loss”.
Seek out some lonely, unloved dog
And give my place to him.
This is my legacy I leave behind
‘Tis all I have to give.

My "baby" Otis will be 13 in October, and I can't fathom losing my Otis who has brought me such joy and love from day one when I saw his fluffy beautiful face at the RI shelter. I know if he could write, this would be what he would write to me. May God look over my boy and give us a few more years of snuggles and laughs.

Remember, only God loves you more than your dog.