Monday, September 21, 2009

Another reason dogs are better than humans

Another reason dogs are better than humans, as if we really need more proof; dogs can’t read, therefore woman’s best friend, our dog(s) cannot interpret what you have written as something totally different than what you were meaning. Such as, if I was to write “I have nothing to do today.” To some it might mean that I am bored, sad, or lonely. But in reality what I MEAN is, “There is no place I have to be today.” Do you see a difference? The first could be interpreted and read as if I am bored, while the second clearly means simply that my calendar is free to do as I wish!

Because our best friend, the dog, can’t type or read it may be a positive we humans have never thought about in the past. Can you just imagine because of how much time they have on their paws how often they would be on the Internet, playing games, updating their social network sites? LOL…and with the example I have at the start of this blog they may simply write their friend the Poodle down the street staying how you stayed in bed all day on Sunday…possibly the poodle thinks you ignored your pampered pooch and how bad a dog mommy you are, but what your pooch was really saying was…what a glorious Sunday spent lounging all day at the foot of the bed with my mommy!”

So today I am grateful my pooch cannot read or type, but boy oh boy I sure wish he could turn a door knob and let himself and the two little ones out in the morning and pour me a cup of coffee!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Love that Boy!

Sometime I wish my dog could talk; well actually more than sometimes. My oldest dog Otis gives me these looks with his eyes, deep and brown, as if the world’s peace answer was in there somewhere and I just need to understand the expression and put words to them.

He is my gentle giant and I love him more than many other things in my life, as much as this may hurt or confuse some, I love him more than some family members and more than many people I know. He has done for and given me more in ten years than some have done or given me in forty so why not love him as much as he has loved me for his whole life.

For now, when Otis gives me those deep brown eyes and a tilt of his big black head with soft fluffy ears I just smile, walk over, and give him a big hug and then I thank him for being a good boy that provides me with unconditional understanding and love….then he gets an ear scratch and cookie…me, well I get a wet nose, a lick on the cheek, and a tail wag…just for being me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Designer Dogs....Do we need them?

I have been reading and learning about what is called a “designer” dogs, you know, the ones that are mixed breeds such as a cock-a-doo, lab-a-doo and so on. I have always been an advocate of straight out adoption of a puppy or older dog from a rescue or shelter that is already born and needs a good home, not breeding new puppies to place in this world. I may be slightly bending my view as I read more on the subject.

There are some people that have allergies so they are just unable to have a “common” mutt dog (I have three and there is nothing common about my mutts!) or even a champion blue blood due to the fur on these breeds, hence why I call them my “fur-children” so if they wish to join us as happy and proud fur-children parents, they depend and are very thankful for the new breed (actually cross breeds) as we are for our mutts.

Just like anything and everything in life, there is a place and meaning for all, and in this case a responsible and nurturing breeder of the mixed breed designer dog is okay with me as they fulfill a desire for animal lovers like us who once had to stay at a minimum ten feet away to prevent outbreaks on their skin and a barrage of sneezes; but now they can snuggle, just as we do, with their very own fur-child! How can I say no to that…

What we need it for the irresponsible pet owners to spay and neuter to prevent litters, for those reading please be a responsible pet owner so all dogs are wanted and have a forever home.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Please take a moment today and pray for all our service men and woman in battle protecting you and your family. May we also never forget those that perished today in the horrific 9/11 terrorist attack and pray for the survivors and their family as they continue to heal.

I continue to send a heartfelt thank you to all the men, woman, and canines that volunteered their time in the aftermath. These courageous and commendable dogs and their heroic handlers came from all over to offer their assistance, even as far away as France, British Columbia,Puerto Rico and Canada. Each and every one deserves a world of admiration, gratitude, and a warm cozy spot to lie his head for the remainder of their lives.

So to all the canines who gave their noses, hearts, wet kisses, and tail wags to soothe the wounds of our nation; we say thank you again and again, although our words can never express all the gratitude we send, you will live forever in our debt and in our hearts. God bless you and God bless America.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 Steps to a Happier Pet

The Humane Society of the United Sates, in its constant battle to end animal neglect, cruelty and abuse, encourages all its members to take the following actions in support of animal.

* Make sure your pet wears an identification tag to enable him to be returned to you if lost.
* To prevent animal behavioral problems, make sure you enroll your new puppy or dog in behavioral training classes, and visit
* Animal behavioral problems can be health related. Make sure your pet has a complete medical exam by a veterinarian at least once a year.
* Prepare for disasters. Make sure you have a plan for your pet in the event of a hurricane, tornado, fire, or flood.
* Plan for your pet's future in case something happens to you and visit for more information.
* Learn how to avoid dog bites, and how to prevent your dog from biting, by going to
* Have a heart, be smart and make sure your pet is spayed or neutered.

Our pets depend on us for their well being, we can't let them down.

Monday, September 7, 2009


My friend Marie at gave me this award, that you so much Marie!