Sunday, September 13, 2009

Designer Dogs....Do we need them?

I have been reading and learning about what is called a “designer” dogs, you know, the ones that are mixed breeds such as a cock-a-doo, lab-a-doo and so on. I have always been an advocate of straight out adoption of a puppy or older dog from a rescue or shelter that is already born and needs a good home, not breeding new puppies to place in this world. I may be slightly bending my view as I read more on the subject.

There are some people that have allergies so they are just unable to have a “common” mutt dog (I have three and there is nothing common about my mutts!) or even a champion blue blood due to the fur on these breeds, hence why I call them my “fur-children” so if they wish to join us as happy and proud fur-children parents, they depend and are very thankful for the new breed (actually cross breeds) as we are for our mutts.

Just like anything and everything in life, there is a place and meaning for all, and in this case a responsible and nurturing breeder of the mixed breed designer dog is okay with me as they fulfill a desire for animal lovers like us who once had to stay at a minimum ten feet away to prevent outbreaks on their skin and a barrage of sneezes; but now they can snuggle, just as we do, with their very own fur-child! How can I say no to that…

What we need it for the irresponsible pet owners to spay and neuter to prevent litters, for those reading please be a responsible pet owner so all dogs are wanted and have a forever home.


~Marie~ said...

I think if you really want a dog of any sort you should check the shelters and various rescue groups first.

CC said...

That is what I have always thought as well; all three of mine are from shelters and I love them as my pedigree required.

aims said...

Kudos go the shelters - they take in and feed all those unwanted.

We need a place like that for humans too. Someplace where we are loved when others stop loving us. (don't mind me - I'm a little overtired)