Monday, September 21, 2009

Another reason dogs are better than humans

Another reason dogs are better than humans, as if we really need more proof; dogs can’t read, therefore woman’s best friend, our dog(s) cannot interpret what you have written as something totally different than what you were meaning. Such as, if I was to write “I have nothing to do today.” To some it might mean that I am bored, sad, or lonely. But in reality what I MEAN is, “There is no place I have to be today.” Do you see a difference? The first could be interpreted and read as if I am bored, while the second clearly means simply that my calendar is free to do as I wish!

Because our best friend, the dog, can’t type or read it may be a positive we humans have never thought about in the past. Can you just imagine because of how much time they have on their paws how often they would be on the Internet, playing games, updating their social network sites? LOL…and with the example I have at the start of this blog they may simply write their friend the Poodle down the street staying how you stayed in bed all day on Sunday…possibly the poodle thinks you ignored your pampered pooch and how bad a dog mommy you are, but what your pooch was really saying was…what a glorious Sunday spent lounging all day at the foot of the bed with my mommy!”

So today I am grateful my pooch cannot read or type, but boy oh boy I sure wish he could turn a door knob and let himself and the two little ones out in the morning and pour me a cup of coffee!


~Marie~ said...

Are you sure dogs can't read? Because I have placed a note on one of my drawers that is full of Peanut's stuff, and he will sit and look at it. Like he knows it says, "Peanut's Drawer" Ha ha

CC said...

Marie, I could be worng, or you have a very smart pooch in Peanut!