Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Riding the storm out

I find the pulsating echo created by a thunderous rainstorm bouncing off the landscape and pinging on the windows and rooftop as it tears across the sky irresistible. The forcefulness of an approaching storm as it intensifies and unveils it’s magically mysterious techniques at performing, commands virtually all your senses to be on alert to experience its captivating show.

When the sky turns ominously dark and you hear in the distance a storm’s approach, you look to the heavens for the striking display of light generating across the horizon as it encroaches your backyard. Electrically charged bolts are a beauty to behold; bright, white, and jagged as they thrash and hurl themselves in a multitude of directions with callus disregard to where they position themselves to rest.

As the atmosphere unveils its mischievous spirit; a feeling of heaviness begins to evolve in the air surrounding you. The scent of a storm is unmistakable and distinctive.

Upon entry, the tree limbs begin to lightly sway and bow, as the stronger imminent winds approach, the limbs dance and crackle and many immature branches succumb to the mastery of the powerful blows. Wind in a vicious wrath can take harmless tiny droplets of water and transform them into an accumulation of lashing and blistering arrows that upon striking an assault, would eagerly, and as if with unashamed pleasure, inflict pain.

As an incensed and furious thunderstorm on the horizon rapidly approaches your serine and peaceful existence it is capable of creating an overwhelming aura of vulnerability and weakness to your tranquil status, so when your senses detect the fury approaching, you can pull the covers over your head or hide under your bed, or do what I do, open your mind and your body, throw caution to the wind, embrace the beauty and behold the wonders, experience the exhilarating sensations that only a storm can create, then sit back and ride it out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well here it is already mid-week and now that the cooler weather is here, I am very much enjoying the days outside with the dogs. The oppressive heat has vanished, and it has been replaced with crisp morning air and cool breezy afternoons. The dog’s coats have felt the change as well, Otis has been scratching with his allergies and leaving mouse sized clumps of hair all over the living room and bedroom to greet me when I awaken in the morning. Marley on the other hand, had his own way of awaking me yesterday, and it was in a way I have to admit, was not one I had ever experienced before, nor wish to ever again.

As I lay in bed part of my brain semi-awake and the yet part still in a blissful sleep dreaming of villas and scenic ocean views in the Mediterranean I could hear the water coming from Hubby’s shower close by. The soothing flow of water nourished my attempt to return to the sea watching the sunrise and feeling the sensation of the cool mist upon my face. Ah, this was a beautiful moment even if only a dream, but something was invading this feeling of pleasure and delight, what was that warm and wet feeling down my back, the water was feeling cool just seconds ago as it eased its way from the sea to my face? I tried desperately to hold onto my moment of peaceful dreamlike state of mind where the sunrise was now becoming more beautiful with each passing second, and yet my conscious could no longer hold the moment as it could not focus on the cool mist and colorful sky as this warm and wet feeling was real and my brain was desperately trying to focus on where this fit in. Alas the dream was gone, and as my entire brain now focused on the true and real life moment, it became clear immediately what had just happened. As I lay on the bed my young dog Marley had jumped up and had lay across my back, and yes, what you are thinking is exactly what he did. As I franticly jumped from the bed I had one last split second to say goodbye to the ever so tranquil sea of crisp and lapping waves upon the shoreline, for now, all I was left with was a puddle.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The last day...

Today we are preparing for the departure of our German daughter tomorrow morning. We went out to dinner last night with a good friend of ours and had a wonderful time eating, drinking, and enjoying each others view of the world, American politics, and allowed each person their opportunity to share thoughts on anything and everything that came to mind.

As I sit here writing Katharina is sound asleep in her bedroom, the dogs are lying all around me, and the cat is doing what he does best, sleeping. Spencer sleeps about 22 hours a day, most of the time on the back of the coach awaiting the afternoon sunbeams to fall upon his face.

The last time Katharina was here I took the day before she left off from work to help her pack, and boy was it a good thing I did! We used three space bags, all afternoon, and most of our energy trying to place everything into the two suitcases and be sure that neither one went above 100 pounds, now this part was not easy, and the scale for that one day, was my friend. Hasn’t been since, but that is an entirely different story for another time.

Today I have allowed Kat to prepare and pack on her own, I know she will still be packing and asking me what she is missing right up until 10 minutes before we leave at 6 tomorrow morning. That is okay, it is her, and I love her just the way she is. She would not be Kat if she did not ask me questions such as, “do I need sunglasses?” as she is hurrying out the door to a football game as Lennie is waiting in the car. This young lady is about to embark on one great adventure living and backpacking in one after another countries across the continent of South America, but yet she still need me (yes me!) to know if she needs sunglasses. I will not be with her on this journey except for in spirit and hopefully in her heart, but she will be with me everyday and I will sit and anxiously await every email with pride and anticipation on when I will see her again face to face.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin and Clinton-It's Live from Saturday Night!

Well here it is Monday again and what can I say except...did you see Saturday Night Live this past weekend? Here is the link if you missed it, http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/palin-hillary-open/656281
I should caution, if you are a Palin fan, you may not like it as much as I did. Enjoy, I did more than once.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

From Germany with love

Well today I awaken after a night of little sleep saddened by the thought that our German daughter will be gone by this time next week. Katharina lived with us during the 2005-2006 school year and attended a local high school. It took us all about two weeks getting to know each other and we became as close as blood relatives (the ones you still like) and have continued this way for over two years now. She arrived back in the states after finishing high school in her home town of Engelskirchen, Germany on June 21th and has spent the last three months either reading everything there is at the local library on history and world leaders, traveling on Amtrak for thirty days across the country visiting such places as LA, San-Francisco, Chicago, Nigeria Falls on the Canadian side with my brother and sister-in-law, and Providence RI where she met up with my husband while he was there visiting his two daughters from his first marriage. She has seen more of our great land that either Lennie or I.

We must drive her to the airport on Saturday the 20th so she can then begin her nine to twelve month tour of South America with just a few changes of clothing, her traveling companion known to us as a back pack, a few toiletries, her camera, and her journals currently blank but about to me full of amazingly detailed stories of adventures that will reveal themselves day by day and from sunrise to sunset. Katharina is nineteen years old and she cannot imagine living if not able to explore this great Earth from countryside to countryside and from pole to pole.

As she is slowly preparing herself to go, I am saddened to see her leave our home again knowing it will be a couple years before we see her smiling face in person, watch her eat one of her favorite American dinners… spaghetti, watch her play with our dogs or sit beside one of us in the corvette just cruising the town of Spartanburg. She is an amazing young lady full of human kindness and a need to search out things she has only so far been able to just read about. I know in my heart she will be fine, and this trip will open her up to many wonders that you and I have only possibly read or heard about; she will grow in many ways and yet I know she will return the beautiful, bubbly, intelligent, funny, caring young lady that leaves on Saturday. Next Saturday as I cry, the tears will be both joyous and heartbreaking, all for one remarkable young lady that has entered my heart forever.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dogs, love from paws

Well, this is my first blog and I am really not sure where to begin. A friend of mine who is the blogger of Steve’s Bar and Grill had given me the bug to begin this. I love to write and I do write poetry and short stories. I am even considering return to college very soon, and of course, English is one of my favorite subjects of study.

As I have stated, I have three dogs, one is 9 and his name is Otis. He is a 48lb mixed breed I adopted in Rhode Island when we lived there. We lost our girl Sandy last October 30th and she was 16. She had severe arthritis and could no longer walk, this was a heart breaking day and I can still remember that morning lying on the floor with her for hours until my sister-in-law came over to help me lift and bring her to our vet. He said it was time. Those are the hardest words for any pet owner to hear. So we did what was best for her even though it tore my heart out.

After two months I was feeling lonely and needed, not wanted, but actually needed, a new four legged companion. After Lennie and I searched for weeks on http://www.petfinder.com/ we found our new baby Marley named for the dog in the book Marley and Me. He was just what I needed and he is my best buddy. He sleeps on my head at night in the bed and cuddles with me each evening when watching TV. He is a mix breed all blond of cocker and dachshund. He was one of nine in a litter found in a storm drain. Lori from Pet Tender Angels took them in with the many other strays and lost dogs she cares for and raised them for about four months until one by one they were all adopted, all that is, except for one brother, Brock. After I sent a new update to Lori on his one year birthday providing a picture as well showing him in his party hat and beside his cake with candle, Lori wrote back that she had tears in her eyes reading the update because she was so happy for Marley but so sad that Brock still had not found his forever home. At that I had no option but to tell her to bring Brock over and I would foster him until the right new parents came along to offer him that forever home he needs. Brock has been here for three weeks and is a sweet baby. He and Marley play all day long and Brock is so gentle, loving, and shy. He will not go near my husband or our German daughter visiting here for one more week. So as I walk through the house I have a small parade following me each step I take. Nothing much makes me feel more loved and needed than that. Dogs hold a very special place in my heart and I for one, could never imagine life without them.