Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dogs, love from paws

Well, this is my first blog and I am really not sure where to begin. A friend of mine who is the blogger of Steve’s Bar and Grill had given me the bug to begin this. I love to write and I do write poetry and short stories. I am even considering return to college very soon, and of course, English is one of my favorite subjects of study.

As I have stated, I have three dogs, one is 9 and his name is Otis. He is a 48lb mixed breed I adopted in Rhode Island when we lived there. We lost our girl Sandy last October 30th and she was 16. She had severe arthritis and could no longer walk, this was a heart breaking day and I can still remember that morning lying on the floor with her for hours until my sister-in-law came over to help me lift and bring her to our vet. He said it was time. Those are the hardest words for any pet owner to hear. So we did what was best for her even though it tore my heart out.

After two months I was feeling lonely and needed, not wanted, but actually needed, a new four legged companion. After Lennie and I searched for weeks on we found our new baby Marley named for the dog in the book Marley and Me. He was just what I needed and he is my best buddy. He sleeps on my head at night in the bed and cuddles with me each evening when watching TV. He is a mix breed all blond of cocker and dachshund. He was one of nine in a litter found in a storm drain. Lori from Pet Tender Angels took them in with the many other strays and lost dogs she cares for and raised them for about four months until one by one they were all adopted, all that is, except for one brother, Brock. After I sent a new update to Lori on his one year birthday providing a picture as well showing him in his party hat and beside his cake with candle, Lori wrote back that she had tears in her eyes reading the update because she was so happy for Marley but so sad that Brock still had not found his forever home. At that I had no option but to tell her to bring Brock over and I would foster him until the right new parents came along to offer him that forever home he needs. Brock has been here for three weeks and is a sweet baby. He and Marley play all day long and Brock is so gentle, loving, and shy. He will not go near my husband or our German daughter visiting here for one more week. So as I walk through the house I have a small parade following me each step I take. Nothing much makes me feel more loved and needed than that. Dogs hold a very special place in my heart and I for one, could never imagine life without them.

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