Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well here it is already mid-week and now that the cooler weather is here, I am very much enjoying the days outside with the dogs. The oppressive heat has vanished, and it has been replaced with crisp morning air and cool breezy afternoons. The dog’s coats have felt the change as well, Otis has been scratching with his allergies and leaving mouse sized clumps of hair all over the living room and bedroom to greet me when I awaken in the morning. Marley on the other hand, had his own way of awaking me yesterday, and it was in a way I have to admit, was not one I had ever experienced before, nor wish to ever again.

As I lay in bed part of my brain semi-awake and the yet part still in a blissful sleep dreaming of villas and scenic ocean views in the Mediterranean I could hear the water coming from Hubby’s shower close by. The soothing flow of water nourished my attempt to return to the sea watching the sunrise and feeling the sensation of the cool mist upon my face. Ah, this was a beautiful moment even if only a dream, but something was invading this feeling of pleasure and delight, what was that warm and wet feeling down my back, the water was feeling cool just seconds ago as it eased its way from the sea to my face? I tried desperately to hold onto my moment of peaceful dreamlike state of mind where the sunrise was now becoming more beautiful with each passing second, and yet my conscious could no longer hold the moment as it could not focus on the cool mist and colorful sky as this warm and wet feeling was real and my brain was desperately trying to focus on where this fit in. Alas the dream was gone, and as my entire brain now focused on the true and real life moment, it became clear immediately what had just happened. As I lay on the bed my young dog Marley had jumped up and had lay across my back, and yes, what you are thinking is exactly what he did. As I franticly jumped from the bed I had one last split second to say goodbye to the ever so tranquil sea of crisp and lapping waves upon the shoreline, for now, all I was left with was a puddle.


Steve-O said...

Next time, try dreaming of a desert!

CC said...

LOL! Yea I guess anything except water would be a better option!