Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Riding the storm out

I find the pulsating echo created by a thunderous rainstorm bouncing off the landscape and pinging on the windows and rooftop as it tears across the sky irresistible. The forcefulness of an approaching storm as it intensifies and unveils it’s magically mysterious techniques at performing, commands virtually all your senses to be on alert to experience its captivating show.

When the sky turns ominously dark and you hear in the distance a storm’s approach, you look to the heavens for the striking display of light generating across the horizon as it encroaches your backyard. Electrically charged bolts are a beauty to behold; bright, white, and jagged as they thrash and hurl themselves in a multitude of directions with callus disregard to where they position themselves to rest.

As the atmosphere unveils its mischievous spirit; a feeling of heaviness begins to evolve in the air surrounding you. The scent of a storm is unmistakable and distinctive.

Upon entry, the tree limbs begin to lightly sway and bow, as the stronger imminent winds approach, the limbs dance and crackle and many immature branches succumb to the mastery of the powerful blows. Wind in a vicious wrath can take harmless tiny droplets of water and transform them into an accumulation of lashing and blistering arrows that upon striking an assault, would eagerly, and as if with unashamed pleasure, inflict pain.

As an incensed and furious thunderstorm on the horizon rapidly approaches your serine and peaceful existence it is capable of creating an overwhelming aura of vulnerability and weakness to your tranquil status, so when your senses detect the fury approaching, you can pull the covers over your head or hide under your bed, or do what I do, open your mind and your body, throw caution to the wind, embrace the beauty and behold the wonders, experience the exhilarating sensations that only a storm can create, then sit back and ride it out.

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