Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well here it is Saturday already. Thanksgiving was a real nice time with our “family” and the food was all delicious. I had a bit too much one of vegetable, brussel sprouts, but I won’t go there.

I just came in from the light rain we are getting here in the South and it is warmer than it has been when I am out with the dogs on their first trip outside. The twins were off doing their thing and Otis, my nine year old, was sitting as he always does, right beside me as I sipped my coffee and smoked my first cigarette of the day. (Wish I could say it was my last, but that would be a wish and a lie)

I began to realize the other day and have been paying closer attention to Otis’ every move when we are together and when we are just in the same room; he is not just my buddy, he is my devoted buddy. There is a difference. The young ones love me, this I am sure, Marley loves to snuggle with me when he is tired, Brock still, after living here for almost fourteen weeks now, will not go to any other human but me, but Otis is immeasurably different...he is true devotion.

A devoted dog will endure anything for their master, he will succumb to any condition you place him in, he will stand in the pouring down cold rain beside you, he will lay in an uncomfortable position if it means he can be closer to you, he would risk his life for yours. He has the heart and mind of one of those dogs you read about, one that is afraid of the flames and heat of a fire but will run through the house of smoke to find and pull you to safety, one that would jump into a river to pull you out, or even lies on top of you in feet of snow in an effort to keep you warm and alive. He reminds me of Lassie, the ultimate devoted dog.

As I look at him curled up on the floor beside me as I sit here and type, I am overwhelmed with a feeling of love, for God to have given me this wonderful gift of Otis, for allowing us to find each other in a time when we were both in need of rescuing nine years ago, I am so thankful. Otis is my faithful buddy and if I only loved him half as much as he loves me, Otis would be okay with that, he is committed. He gives to me unconditionally and I only hope that he can feel the love and devotion I feel for him as well. We are indispensable buddies and I wouldn’t-couldn’t trade him for the winning lottery ticket because you can’t put a dollar amount on love.


coopercreek said...

That was a nice post to read. Very heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes.

Chris said...

I know how you feel Sadie my boxer is my inseperable companion. And my yorkie a close second.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I am glad for you that you have such a devoted companion. You are most likely worth it. A dog knows.