Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tree

It seems as if has been forever since I wrote here,okay it has been a whole week, but that is why I put the “Blogging without Obligation” on my site. I read a man’s blog that said something to the effect of “after reading so many peoples blogs that started out with, I am sorry I haven’t written in so long but…” he decided to create the blogging without obligation sign for us all to have, because blogging is not work and should be fun and we should not feel pressure to write each day. I have been keeping up with my reading of blogs, but have been getting up early with a nasty cold, getting the dogs outside, getting myself prepared for work, working OT all week, and getting to bed early trying to combat this cold I have so I not only did not have the energy to write, I didn’t have the time. Now as I sit here with time…I have no idea what to say…LOL.

Okay last week we decorated the outside of the house with Christmas lights and wreaths and garland on the porch and we put the Christmas tree up in the family room. All week I have turned the hundreds of tiny white lights on and that is all the tree currently has for decorations; again lack of energy and time to even think about decorating it. I am one of those extremely persnickety people when it comes to my Christmas tree. The tree itself has to be perfect, the lights must be perfectly placed to cover the entire tree, the ornaments must all be of the same color scheme, the placement of the bows-sometimes over fifty tiny red ones must be meticulously placed on the end of the branch, garland if used must be placed evenly spaced around the tree with each “dip” exactly the same size of the one before it, and I have to have my birds and branches as well. Okay so yes, I am a fanatic about it, and I love to see my finished product each year, so I really must take (make) the time to work on it this weekend as we are hosting a Chritmas party next Saturday night!

I have a party tonight and a party tomorrow and I am still fighting this cold that has it grasps on me (keeping the "Puffs" manufactures in business...their stock should be okay this week!) but I am determined to get the tree finished by Sunday night! As for the dogs, this week they chewed the stuffing out of a really nice throw pillow and when I walked in the door it was as if it had snowed in the living room…there was white “puff” everywhere. I was so exhausted from work and so sick with this cold I didn’t have the strength to question them on who did it. I just re-stuffed the pillow like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and placed in a safe place until I can sew the seam. So all in all not a bad week in the realm of life as a whole, so we continue on with today and see what magic the day holds.


Southern Corvette Lady said...

I am sure your house will be wonderfully lovely!! Please don't get stressed out about it!! I understand exactly what you are going through. It was so much easier to entertain when I wasn't working full time.

We have dragged everything out of the attic here so I guess we are committed to decorating! LOL

Chris said...

Sounds like you've been busy!!! Hope you get to feeling better!!! Sounds like the four legged's are a little arnery!