Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Scratching Post

Well good morning to all, it is not however a good morning for me, but I proceed onward. Hubby and I went out for a few hours yesterday and when we came home the house looked just fine, a bit cluttered and dusty but that is my job to fix, nothing the dogs did. Anyhow as my foot is still in terrible pain, still only when I lay down but needless to say makes me quite tired, hubby was doing the vacuuming for me. When he got to the den I thought that he was looking at a couch in fifty pieces by his scream and the next ten sentences that came out of his mouth that I will not repeat here. It appears as if the two young ones, or maybe just Marley, used the new leather sofa as a scratching post. The seats are not ripped, but seriously scratched, one area worse than all the rest, it looks horrible to say the least.

Hubby finally clamed down and I used leather cleaner wipes to try and “fix” the hundreds of scratches on the seats, it helped only a little. Now, when we purchased the leather set the sales lady said if we bought the “insurance” it would cover anything and everything including cigarette burns, stains, tears…so this must be covered right? After reading on line some of the reviews of this insurance company, I am not sure anymore. One particular mans review said because it does cover burns, and he being extremely upset with them at the moment as they denied his claim, he was going to take the piece he has up to their office and set it on fire!

They are closed until Monday so I must sit and ponder what to do if it is not covered. Hubby explained again to me why the dogs need to be in crates when we are out and why some dogs live outside. My dogs will never live outside, they are my “children” and right now they are very bad children. One problem is the crate that Brock came with from the shelter is too small for him and quite small for Marley as well. The one I got for Marley is a very nice one that either dog can use, but not both at the same time. This is where it gets tricky again; hubby hates to spend money on “expensive” things for the dogs, especially after what they did to his new couch, but somehow I have to find a way to get his “blessing” to spend over a hundred on a new crate for Brock, there really is no other option if they are both to go back to crates while we are out.

Okay off that for now…my foot is still the same as yesterday, I am in so much pain right now as I just got up that typing is difficult, but what else can I do to take my mind off it while I await the pain medication to begin its magic? I called both doctors offices and they are closed until Monday and it just happens I already have an appointment with my rheumatologist on Monday anyhow. Yesterday the lower back/hip area was giving me some pain as well, but nothing compared to the burning torture I feel in my foot. I just have to keep sane from the pain until Monday…how often does anyone wish for Monday to hurry up and get here, well this lady is screaming for Monday!

Well, time to go outside and let the dogs run and drink a hot cup of caffeine as hubby sleeps peacefully in bed…and then I will come in and look at crates on line for the local pet store in town and see what is available for in store pickup today. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone…


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Oh, you poor foot and your poor dogs and the poor sofa. Yes, you need to get a crate. I hope you get to see the right doctor soon. As to the sofa, well...Your husband may not be too happy. I hope he's not a bully who takes it out on you. Take good care of yourself. I hope your foot gets looked after properly. Can you go to the emergency room?

CC said...

No, No, No, hubby is not that kind of man, he gets upset, and he had a right to do so, and then it is forgotten...until they do their next thing. Thanks for caring so much Irene.

Southern Corvette Lady said...

Check the classifieds for crates. There are usually some good deals to be had. I am sorry about your furniture, what about the leather and vinyl repair kits you see advertised from time to time?

I hope the Dr. will be able to give you some answers. It is hard to deal with other issues when you are in so much pain!