Friday, December 26, 2008

Night Pain

I hope everyone had a very happy and wonderful Christmas, I had a great day. I have no biological family here in SC but hubby and I made friends with a large Italian family from New Jersey about 8 years ago when we first moved here and they immediately “adopted” us. We celebrate every holiday, the children’s birthdays, and just “family” backyard get-togethers with them; I even have 6 beautiful nieces as they call me Aunt CC. It is a comfort to know, and important to “feel”, that I do have “family” here and makes not just the holidays, but everyday, more pleasant.

For almost a week now each time I lay down in the recliner while watching TV or to go to bed, I begin to get this severe unbearable pain in the left side of my right foot and my heel. I thought for sure it was just some crazy thing and it would go away, but it has been since Sunday night. I did nothing to cause this pain I am in, meaning I have had no recent injury. The strange part is as soon as I get out of bed, although limping and dragging this foot behind me as I walk outside with the dogs for their morning pee, after about an hour and a half my foot is perfectly fine. No pain, even while I have high heels or any other shoe on.

After not sleeping for five nights I found a left over Oxycodine from when I was having my bad back pain and was out of work for five months, do you know I STILL felt the pain and was up until after 2:00 this morning and it is not yet 6:00am here now. I am going to try and get in to see my family doctor today, although I hold out little hope she will be able to detect what is the cause, I just need to get something that will combat what is the most severe pain I have ever felt! I am sure without pain medication until they can get it fixed, another week in such pain and lack of sleep I will go mad. I am scared what I might do if I am dog tired and have this pain in the middle of the night and just want to once and for all end the pain. I know I would not harm myself on purpose, but I am in such excruciating pain at night and I am just so very tired I am not thinking clearly. I will write update if I get in to see doctor later today.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Sounds like maybe you have a pinched nerve. Either way, have it checked and take good care of yourself. Good luck, CC.

Southern Corvette Lady said...

Don't mess around with this! Sounds serious!! I hope your Dr. is open today or you might have to go to one of the urgent care places.

Keep us posted!!

Chris said...

I am glad you had a good holiday. I hope your doctor finds what is causing your pain. It's no fun giong through stuff like that. Let us know!!!