Sunday, December 28, 2008

Great News!

Great News today! We are keeping our baby Brock! We had adopted his brother Marley a year ago this month and then I found out that his brother Brock, one of nine in a littler that was found in a storm drain was still at the shelter in July and he had just turned one year old. I felt so bad for the little guy and I was out on medical leave at the time so I told the woman that runs the home non-profit no-kill shelter to bring him over to our home and I would foster him and work with him so he too could find a forever home.

After being here for four months now, I of course fell in love with this little angel, he is the sweetest dog, (okay if you read my blog yesterday you know he was on of the culprits that scratched my new leather sofa) when I say sweet, I mean he does not have a mean bone in his body, he is adorable through and through.

He still however will not let anyone else near him, and that goes for hubby as well. Four months later and I am the only one that can touch and pet him, bath and brush him, and dry his feet when he comes in from the rain, and he rewards me with kisses and a smile. Well I was told he was shy when he was brought here in August...but never expected him to still be this way four months later.

Well, as it happened, I received an email yesterday that Lori had an inquiry of Brock and she wanted to see if we were keeping him or if she should call the family and set up an appointment. This brought tears to my eyes to be quite honest; I never thought about having to give him up, I was his mommy. Hubby said, “Well you did say you were just fostering him, and you do have two other dogs.” He was right of course. So I wrote back to Lori stating that he was still shy and only would come to me, explained how much I loved him and so on but I was just the foster mom so she could call the other family and set up an appointment for them to visit Brock.

Well she wrote back today that since we love him and he is in a great home she would love for us to keep him and she is even waving the adoption charge!! She wants Brock to stay because it would be horrible for him with his shyness and his obvious love for me to make him switch to a strange home and new people, (my thoughts exactly). So I just printed out the contract and just have to sign and return to her and Brock is my new forever dog! Talk about the greatest Christmas present, last year Marley, this year his brother. I can see a great and Happy New Year approaching.

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The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Congratulations on becoming the official Mom of Brock. I am sure this is meant to be, it is fate that put you two together. Apparently, he trusts you very much. Good for him and good for you.