Sunday, November 16, 2008

Leftover Saturday

Well here it is already, Sunday morning and before you know it this day will be over and the work week will be starting. I feel like the last two days have been a week in itself. Friday work started off slow and then immediately following lunch as the saying goes, “all hell broke loose.” I was mentally drained when I was finally able to tear myself away from my desk and head for the exit. We met the corvette club for a dinner gathering at a new restaurant and then a good friend of ours, who had a dinner date we had not met before, suggested the four of us go out for a couple drinks, so we did. The evening ended after midnight. I can tell you the boys were happy to see us when we pulled into the driveway.

Yesterday, the boys woke me up at 6:00 and I had to force myself to get up, and to be quite honest I would have loved an IV of coffee for my veins as I think the “couple” drinks were more like a few. What can I say I was drained from the work week, I was out with hubby and friends, the wine was tasty, and I was not driving. So as I head outside with the boys and I slowly bend down to pet Brock, it started immediately, my head began to pound as if the little drummer boy had stopped in for a personal concert just for me; I said to myself it is either the little drummer boy or Thumper from the from the forest and Bambi will be looking for him soon.

The days activities were already lined up, head to the department store charity event by 7:00, get to a full body massage appointment by 9:00, come home and do some house chores, then get dressed for a funeral at 3:00, and end the day with a birthday party at 7:00. What was I thinking last night! Oh well, too late to feel sorry for myself I had things to do and people counting on me.

I left for the store, bought only three pairs of socks because there was absolutely no way I was about to try anything on that would have me bending over starting the concert in my head all over again. On my way to the massage I stopped at the local pharmacy and picked up some powered aspirin, at Diet Mt. Dew, the largest single serving power bar I could find, and some breath mints and I was on my way.

I did take a nap when I got back from the masseuse, but it helped very little; so off I go to the funeral and then the party. Wow, when will this day end already?

So now I sit this Sunday morning telling myself I really accomplished quite a bit yesterday and I should be proud of myself; now as I think of all that has to be done today I am depressing myself. The massage felt great when I was getting it, but she hit my sore spots many times and with a great deal of pressure, so much that I can feel all four simply sitting here as if they are poking me from the inside as if to say , “What were you thinking letting her abuse us like that?” I thought I was doing a good thing, you know how that sometimes works out in life. As I am drinking my coffee and typing this blog I am also scheduling the daily events in my mind; get started on the house work while hubby is still asleep, then as soon as he is up, get the laundry going and run the dust cloth around the house and follow it with the vacuum, take a shower and get the grocery shopping done before the store gets crowded, and then, maybe just possibly have time to curl up on this brisk Sunday with hubby on the couch and watch some football this afternoon as homemade soup simmers on the stove.


The Boisterous Butterfly said...

You just squeezed too much weekend into your weekend. I think you need three whole days instead of two. can't you arrange that somehow?

Chris said...

Sounds like you ran around like a chicken with its head off all weekend. I be the massage felt good though!!!

Southern Corvette Lady said...

I finally understand what an older relative meant when she told me years ago that she didn' want to waste time sleeping because there was so much she wanted to do.

It just seems like life is like standing on a bridge over a rushing stream. You can't waste time looking at the water that's gone past you, the water coming at you is moving way too fast!!!