Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Prescription

Well after my very busy weekend last week I began my Monday back at work at 6:45am. The hours in the weekday just fly by being so busy and most importantly having to be so precise in my work and not make errors that would shut the plant down due to lack of materials. On Tuesday I finally got in to see the Rheumatologist, a doctor I have been trying to get in to see since August when I was still out on medical leave. She was absolutely wonderful and gave me a full exam including blood work and X-Rays. (No results yet) The part that made her so wonderful is that she met with me in the room and talked with me, then she examined me, and then we talked again. How many doctors these days spend so much time with a patient? Well I don’t recall much after Tuesday except getting up with the dogs no later than 5:00am (Wednesday at 4:00am), getting coffee and going outside with them, come back in and read some emails and blogs, then going to work, coming home for lunch and letting the dogs out again, back to work, and then home for the evening.

I get home bring the dogs out, read the mail, and then start dinner. After dinner I clean the litter box and then back out with the dogs again so I can have a cigarette and they can run and play some. I usually come back in wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen, put away leftovers and then some days I will do a load or two of laundry, other days I will just wash my face and sit on the sofa and watch some TV. I usually can make it till 10:00 in the evening before started to get so tired I have to go to bed, but this week I began a new prescription the doctor gave me; she said it would take away the pain and give me energy! HA, it is like a sleeping pill.

I have not made it to 9:00 all week, and last night Friday night, Hubby took a little nap on the sofa from 7:15-8:00. Then he got up and went to the computer, and I then proceeded to fall asleep and slept until the dogs woke me at 10:00 to go outside for their last pee. When I came back in, I kissed hubby good night and went to bed. I slept all night until I just woke up at 5:00.

Now, this has got to end, I feel as if my life is flying right by me! It is scaring me to be honest, yes the medication relieves the pain, but what good it that if I am either working or sleeping all the time I am awake? Where is my life in-between? How long before my husband has had enough of a wife that never can spend anytime with him after dinner and is fast asleep by 8:00?

So today, having only been on the pills since Tuesday I will begin to wean myself off; there are all kinds of side effects if you abruptly stop taking them and I certainly don’t want to go down that road. It is difficult when you are in daily pain and something finally works well to feel the need to stop taking what is working, but honestly folks, how well it is working doesn’t matter when you feel nothing and your life is spent alone and hubby is waiting in the background hoping someday his wife returns to him with enough energy to, if nothing else, sit beside him and snuggle watching TV or talking, after the clock on the wall strikes 8:00.


aims said...

I'm not sure where you are experiencing pain. Is it in your head mostly?

Found this stuff online called Migraine Defense by

After having a migraine for 2 years straight - before they discovered the brain tumour - I didn't get relief from anything. Then I found this stuff - all natural and it works a treat.

Also discovered Borage Oil capsules. For arthritic pain. 1 or 2 a day. Won't start my days without them.

Don't know if this will help...but you never know.

CC said...

Hi aims, the pain is in my back...too many problems to list have had so many injections I feel like a pin cushion, did PT for 6 months, and so on. I will certainly try the Borage Oil capsules, thank you for sharing with me, and I hope you are well now and the brain tumour is a thing in your past.