Sunday, November 9, 2008

Colored Leaves

Today is a glorious day! Brock woke me up at 5:30 this morning, that is one hour later than “normal” wake up time. I started the coffee and waited until three cups were brewed and took it outside with the dogs. By allowing only three of the twelve cups to brew before taking my java means my mug will be full of dark and incredibly strong caffeinated bliss.

The frost was upon the browning grass; as fall moves in each and every day now the once lush and green grass is turning more of a golden yellow with splashes of tan and brown.
As I gazed around outside this crisp morning, it was clearly evident that fall was ending its magnificent display of nature’s palate of what was one of the greatest color performances we have seen in the nine years we have been in SC. What once was spectacular color poking from every branch, on every tree, was now reduced to tan, brown and yellow speckled brittle leaves upon our lawn.

Watching the dogs this morning reminded me of when I was a small child, raking a pile of leaves (okay so my dad really raked them) and then running, jumping and sliding into the massive pile. Hubby had blown the leaves off the patio and from around the sunroom into just such a pile at the side of the house yesterday after work. The dogs ran right for it, no hesitation, as if they had been dreaming of doing it all night and were just waiting patiently for me to open the back door so they could jump in. They were running, barking, tails a wagging and having a splendid time without a care in the world.

I was almost tempted to join the joviality, but what with the frost on the ground, and the darkness still upon us in anticipation of the morning sunrise, and the fact that I still had yet to finish my first cup of Joe, I sat silently with a huge smile on my face watching the children folic in merriment knowing they would be a mess after play and I would be wiping and brushing their coats, but hey, kids will be kids, even mine, the ones that have four paws.

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