Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dogs and the Storm

One dog is asleep, one dog is out in the yard throwing a stick in the air and playing catch with it in-between the raindrops, one dog is watching the dog in the yard, and one dog is shaking violently on my lap, problem, yes, the lap dog is the one asleep.

Hold on tight the storms have arrived with vigor and zest and the sky is tormented by lightening and black ominous clouds dropping their water buckets to the thirsty earth below.

I adore the stimulation a vivacious storm brings with it, but for my four-legged fur children, it is a feeling at least one of them could do without so for him it is time for calm and sleepy pill and for the one in the yard, I guess all I can do is laugh and get the shampoo and towel ready.

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