Friday, March 19, 2010

What I lack in people skills...

Today is Friday and when I awoke to the wet noses and soft breath on my face I was like, ugh, is it that time already. But to be honest, it quickly turned into playtime with the “babies”. The youngest, Abby of course giving all her love to Daddy, while my boy Marley could not have gotten any closer to me in the bed without literally digging and burrowing into me. My handsome “grandpa” Otis lay on the floor stretching his elder body and joint as I do each morning and Brock, well he was front paws to the top of the mattress tongue and tail a wagging. It was morning at our house and all was well.

I am told I seclude myself and don’t allow humans too close to me, and for the most part that is a true statement. Very few “elite” chosen are allowed in. This comes from a past history of hurt, abuse, and seeing and experiencing what one human can do to another human. Dogs, ah dogs, now that is my true love…they are always there for you, then will do anything for you; they see you at your worst and love you the most. Nothing is a pure as a dog’s love. So therefore my motto is as follows: What I lack in people skills I make up for in dog skills. You think I am rude, but my dog thinks I am god. You judge by my outward appearance, my dog judges me by the size of my heart. So why should I care about what you think of me?" Only one person is above these fur-children and that is my adoring and remarkable husband, because he has shown he is as faithful, loving, and respecting man and above any other human I know…so I have come to the conclusion he must have been a dog in his previous life, and for me, that is the highest compliment I can give another human.