Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spencer's Spa Day

All week I was planning on taking my 21 year old cat to the vet to get his nails trimmed, but he was looking pretty ratty so I asked my BFF to help me give him a bath. Yes mixing a cat and water…how would this turn out I wondered, and feared to be honest, because after all, he also need a serious nail trim.

First of all Spencer, my cat, used to be this beautiful large fluffy tuxedo black and white tough guy in his younger years. Now he is a very skinny boy weighing no more than seven or eight pounds. He still eats and has all his functions, shows no pain, so therefore he lives on until he is called to kitty heaven. I just have to say that when I placed the lower two thirds of my beloved kitty in the warm water he just laid in there and loved every moment of “Kitty Spa”. To think after 21 years of self cleaning….well not too much the last year that he would LOVE a bath? So I was all smiles with myself thinking wow, I must be super human kitty loves a bath groomer…well he did love it and I was happy to have been there to give it to him.

So off today we went to the vet’s office. I buckled his carrier into the front passenger seat and off we drove, okay so he road and I drove. He always tells me he loves me in that scratchy kitty voice when we travel. I was so proud he would look so clean and fluffy, well sort of fluffy, that’s not the point , he smelled great and was super clean! We have about a twenty minute ride to Dr. Patch’s office so I drive slow using the side street and Spencer sings to me, his own number one hits of course.

I get within two blocks and it happens, same as always, same as the last time, and the time before that, he throws up. Mind you, any other day it would have been no big deal, but he was so clean from the kitty spa (my bathroom sink, but don’t tell him that). So I pull over remove the one towel he threw up on, replaced it with a clean one, wiped his paw that stepped in it and then continued on to our destination. I am happy to report, he got his nails clipped and was back in his warm bed at home in no time, oddly though, he keeps staring at the sink with a gleam in his eye and then back at me. I think we will try the kitty spa again next week, but not the car ride.


Armand said...

What a touching story. It brought back memeories of the time I tried, the emphasis on tried, to give our new kitty a bath. I didn't know cats could move so fast and jump so high. Needless to say, so only got a mini bath that day and procedeed to self-clean for the rest of her life. Maybe if she had lived to 21 instead of 15, I might have been able to finish the job. God Bless Spencer.

~Marie~ said...

My kitty Dee Dee, who has been in Kitty Heaven for many years now, did not like baths. She would grab hold of anything she could to avoid the bath. She would hold on so well you thought she may have thumbs. It was really funny. I'm so glad your kitty liked the bath. Have a wonderful day!

CC said...

Armand, thank you for your blessings. I am very blessed he has been with me for so long. If he were any younger I KNOW the bath would have been me the scratching post and he the wet EXTREAMLY upset kitty. I just wish he could self clean, but God has allowed him to trust the bath that one time, possibly because the warm water felt so good on his aching bones so I will continue until he tells me otherwise. Take care!

CC said...

Marie, see comment to Armand on how I think he would have NOT liked the spa if he were any younger. You have a great day also.

Louise said...

Chris, I left the comment, not Armand. When I signed up for this blog, I put my name and they still used Armand's. Believe me, he would never have given a cat a bath.

CC said...

Louise I am so sorry!!! To have something in your name you would need a second email address I think. So now I will say a sincere thank you to you Louise for the beautiful comment. Have a fantastic day!