Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doggie Summer

Good morning everyone! I was lucky enough to see a video posted by a friend on FB called “A doggy summer - A kutyák is szeretik a strandot” Dog's Day at The Beach At the end of this very sweet video it states that the dogs were all trained using the mirror method. I have to say I was tapping my feet and bouncing to the music, “Walking on Sunshine” as I watched with amazement these dog’s performance at the beach. So I ask my brilliant audience, has anyone used this training technique, or even have heard of it?

Per what I was able to find on Google, the method consists of three, equally important, parts: relationship – training – natural for the dog interactions. They also go on to say that your dog reflects the behavior and personality of you, the owner, consequently to change the dog’s behavior, one has to make changes in her own first. I have to say I am very intrigued and a bit fascinated after viewing the video and reading the little I have.

I would never begin a training method without proper research and knowledge of it as possible to be certain I will in no way harm my “fur-children”. So for now I am on assignment to find a book or further articles on this training method, because if it is all I believe it could be, then I want to begin as soon as possible. Who knows, the next video I share with you all may be my "A-M.O.B." (Abby, Marley, Otis, Brock) as the stars in their own video.

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