Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red Cross Canine CPR and First Aid Class

OMG the First Aid and CPR canine class offered by the Red Cross was awesome! I learned so much in those three hours and we had practice time on doggie manikins for rescue breathing and CPR. I am now Certified in Canine First Aid and CPR and because of that, I am a better person than I was this morning. I would recommend this class to anyone that works with dogs or has dogs of their own. As they say, the training may just save a life and think about how that would make you feel!

Oh and don't forget to have your emergency kits stocked and your disaster kits packed as well, especially now with the "stormy" season upon us. These are important "tools" we must all have on hand to keep our fur-children healthy and happy should an emergency arise.

Have a bow wow day to all!


~Marie~ said...

Now that is very cool. Congrats! I wonder if it's offered in my area. I will definitely look into it. :-)

CC said...

You should it was awesome! Like I said it was offered by the Red Cross, and Peanut will love you for it!