Monday, October 20, 2008


Some days the sun is immaculately dazzling and brilliant, but then one faulty repositioning and like a relentless storm forthcoming the intermittent signs emerge slowly, progressively, and bit by bit the full intensity of the storm is upon me.

Some days the severity is there from the time I awaken and there is absolutely nothing I do can make the sun materialize to suppress and wash away this nuisance I am feeling from the very first moment I have risen.

Some days the vile torrent never appears and the sun is shinning in all its brilliance moment after moment, hour after hour. Oh how I wish for these days.

I have been in this cycle for close to six months now and I have just one more procedure to go for on Friday and then they say it will all be brightness for the days after. The hideous torrents will be suppressed never to overpower the rays of sun I have so long been searching for to awaken to each day; to have with me each day, moment after moment, hour after hour.

Pain is detestable, but my pain is existent. Pain is my adversary, and this foe I shall overcome.

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Irene said...

I don't know of which pain you speak. I only know about the sunshine and the dark. I wish you eternal sunshine of the mind.