Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, finally the weekend is here and I am amazed how well I made it though the first week back in the cube world. At first it was so unreal, as I wrote in a previous blog, but I must admit it did get better as the days passed one by one. I adorned the new cube I was moved to during my absence with multiple pictures of the babies in various poses, brought in a decorative pillow to cradle my spine while adding color and warmth, and I will finish it all off with a small lamp I will be bringing in on Monday; it is not home but as cozy as work can be.

Otis, Marley, and Brock have all done very well this week aside from one accident yesterday. Hubby almost never gets home before I do, but of course, wouldn’t it be on the day that one of them had an accident on the living room rug!

After dinner last night and the cleaning of the kitchen I decided I was owed some down time for me. I opened a very nice bottle of wine I had picked up at a local winery a couple years back and poured myself a glass, grabbed a clean towel, opened the hot tub cover and sank in. To help keep the mood relaxed, I kept all three dogs inside. The night sky was overcast with showers threatening so there was no glimpse of the moon or stars to gaze at, so I just closed my eyes, laid my head back and drifted into blissful relaxation. The warmth of the water was comforting, the wind rustling just a bit through the remaining leaves on the trees was harmonious, and the reverberation of the water as it washed over me streaming from the jets was just so incredible, it is beyond words.

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