Saturday, October 11, 2008

Morning News

What a morning! I overslept and did not get up until close to 8:00, two hours past my normal awake time. This may have been what my body needed, a few extra hours of rest, but for the dogs, my oversleeping I would soon find out was a decision I would soon be regretting. As I stated in a previous post I have stopped crating, something I am now rethinking. I awoke with the crisp morning air blowing through the open bedroom windows and the sun peeking though the curtains; I thought was a glorious morning!

I walked into the office and said good morning to my husband who was on the internet looking for what else, corvette items. The dogs were all jumping on me, tails were wagging and kisses for mommy were gladly placed upon my cheeks. I made my cup of coffee and went outside to sit and enjoy the morning and to allow the dogs to do their thing. So far the morning could not have been more pleasant, all was about to change when I returned inside. I went to the front door to go out and retrieve the morning newspaper that I was sure would only depress me if I read it, not much good news these days, the stock market taking a downward spiral and taking my 401K with it. Murderous descriptions, car crashes killing teenagers due to alcohol and speed, fights that had broken out and caused one lost soul to stab another, and now even the VP nomination is in the news for using her executive power in all the wrong manners. The paper is as depressing as a snow storm that prevents you from leaving your home for days on end with the electric out and having to wash your hair in freezing cold water. I am seriously considering not renewing my subscription when this one runs out.

As I came in the front door, there it was, plain as day and if my eyes did not see it my nose certainly knew without any doubt. One of my beauties had messed on the living room carpet that I just this week paid $200.00 to have cleaned. Okay, pick it up, get out my trusty hand held Little Green Machine and clean the area, then get the fabric spray and spay. Okay this was not how I wanted to spend twenty minutes of my morning. Life goes on and it is what it is, I can get past this….all cleaned up so move on. So as I moved into the great room, what???? Another mess, what is going on here! Okay repeat the steps listed above this time with a not so pleasant attitude about it.

Needless to say I was not enjoying the beautiful morning any longer and I am no longer in a joyful mood. But hey, now that I think about it, one of them did try to wake me earlier, I just rolled over, and so I guess you could say that this was all brought on by my doing. I have learned today not to sleep in past my normal wake time, the dogs know the schedule and they follow it, if I am not up they try to waken me, and when they can’t do that after a couple times what do I expect; nothing less than what I found today. Crating is still an option, but in all honestly I much rather have them crawled up in bed with me, and outside at a decent time to forgo any accidents. I have forgiven the entire morning alteration to my routine, and now have my alarm set for 6:00 so that tomorrow a beautiful day can be had by all no matter what the weather or the newspaper have in store for me.

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