Tuesday, October 14, 2008


There are ice cubes, Rubik Cubes, DNA cubes, storage cubes, and I am sure many more that I just cannot think of at the moment, but for right now there is only one cube on my mind…my work cube. I have been here for just a few hours and how I feel as if the world has vanished; the green grass and the scent of the flowers and the colors of the leaves cannot be seen from this cube I am entrapped in, the bird’s songs are not heard, the wind is nowhere to be felt upon my face, the sun and clouds are no longer visible when I look up as the sky is completely missing, replaced by dingy fluorescent lighting. I miss the smell of the air when I take a deep breath, I miss the dogs frolicking in the yard while I sit and get pleasure from their fun as they go round and round, playing and jumping and then lapping at the water within the bowl tired from their romp and then finally they would lay upon the earth and rest with the butterflies fluttering by and the sun falling upon their fur coats. To be at home again with all the wonderers of nature and life with the dogs would be the ultimate life of luxury for this simple soul now banished to this cube for eight hours a day, five days a week, longing for the sun and the barking and just the experience of viewing natures wonders any time of day; any day of the week, day after day. The mortgage is due every month, the car needs gas, the groceries need to be purchased, and yet…those lazy days of bliss are what I miss.


The Writer said...

One of the things I had to do immediately upon entering "my cube" was take everything out and replace it with my world. Pictures of grandkids and kids, screensaver from home, everything I can do to remind me what I'm working for I bring in because without all of the other stuff, work is just a four letter word. I'm also planning time for filling up before and after work. We are walking again in the morning and when I get home, plus playing time. These are what get me through.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Steve-O said...

Dang, girl! You sure have a lot of words in you! I guess this blog was indeed what you needed!
Anyway, welcome back to cube world!