Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well if you read my blog yesterday morning you know it started out pretty crappy, literally. Yes I over came and went on to have a pretty decent day. This morning I awoke in time to get all the babies outside in time for them to do their thing. As they were outside I was fixing my coffee and then proceeded to feed Spencer my 20 year old cat who was sitting near his empty bowl just meowing for his breakfast as if he had not eaten in months.

I filled his bowl and as I placed his food bag back into the pantry, I looked to the large water bowl to see if that too was in need of filling, all I saw was one big huge ugly looking spider bigger than a half dollar, way bigger! Now I am not a wimp by any standards, okay maybe to some I am, but this thing was huge and ugly and I was defenseless standing in my bare feet with just six inches separating it from me. Hubby was still sleeping so I had to defend myself, it was either this colossal spider or me, we were both not going to be walking away from where we stood, oh no, one of us was about to be laying flat on the floor, and I promise you it was not going to be me.

With bare feet I had to think quick, using the food bowl would not work, my hands would have to be too close to get the job done and food would go flying everywhere, so I opened the pantry door back up and there was my handy Swiffer! I tried to move slow and cautiously as not to spook the spider and have him on the run. Yea, me spook him, that would be a turn of events. I retrieved the Swiffer and used it more like a hammer than a floor washer and it seconds the job was done; I had overpowered the ugly mammoth spider, victory!

I am not one who enjoys killing anything, I don’t hunt or kill for sport but I was the one they were thinking about when they wrote the old song, “I don’t like spiders and snakes” if they are in my house, again I have to repeat, IN my house, they definitely were not given an invitation, therefore they are intruders and I have no choice but to treat them as such. If he were outside in the yard he would have gone on to have a nice morning, spinning webs, eating bugs, and waiting for the sunrise to peek through the cloudy horizon, we never would have met. But his choice to come inside uninvited was his demise, it makes me think, many choices I make can have a serious consequence, so think with your head and your heart, and make the most of your day, because we truly never know when it will be our last.

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The Writer said...

This is funny because, anymore, I usually just catch them and throw them out the door...unless they are on me...then they're squooshed. I guess we all have limitations in this area.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear