Friday, January 9, 2009

Get Packing!

Hello everyone, I know I have been gone for about a week but I have been busy buying a new home! Yes, we made the plunge and our offer was accepted on Wednesday and we signed paperwork yesterday. Now the huge black cloud over our heads is getting our current home sold. I just needed to be close to family and I did not want to risk losing the new house, so we bought before we sold. Things here are not as bad as some parts of the country, so I think we will be okay.

1st. order of business at the new home (we close 2-12) will be to put up a fence for the three dogs. They have had run of our current home in the back yard and with Brock still so shy it is critical this is done immediately.

So Now with my back pain reemerging daily and getting worse by the week, I have to keep this current house impeccable for showings and pack and entire three bedroom home. Hubby will of course be helping, but we all know it is the woman of the house that packs and unpacks the man moves it all.

So off I go to do some cleaning and please wish us luck in selling our current home quickly!


Southern Corvette Lady said...

You do have a job ahead but it will be worth it after you are all settled in your new house! Looking forward to the house-warming party!!

Here's hoping your present house will sell quickly. I have been there and it is a lovely home. I don't think you will have any problems selling!!

Chris said...

I wish you luck getting your current house sold. Congrats on the new house and I hope your back pain goes away or you find a solution.

~Marie~ said...

Good luck on getting your house sold. And congrats on your new home!!