Saturday, January 17, 2009

The weekend

Wow what a week, seem like it took double the time for Saturday to get around again. It is strange and sad really that when we get older how much we wish our life away longing for the days to fly by so the weekend is back. Although I partied quite a bit in my younger years I never remember dreading the work week and wishing it was the weekend; do you think it is because when we are younger we are more happy and free; that we made the most of everyday and the weekend was just a bonus? I also think I has to do with having less stress and commitments back then, it was a time when work was not just an essential (still had to pay the rent and eat) but it was more fun. I choose positions that I liked more than I needed and most everyone was my friend, someone I hung out with on the weekends so it was no big deal to be working during the week as I was still with my “buddies”.

Also those first jobs were not as, dare I say, final. They were positions I was working in to work my way up the corporate ladder, so most were fun and exciting because they were new and offered challenges. Now that I am in the position I worked so hard all my life to get, it feels like there is nothing to look forward to and the excitement has run out. It has lost the appeal of a new beginning, a way to feel important, a challenge to make it to the top; it suddenly becomes a job. I place I must go everyday, knowing it will provide a paycheck to cover the commitments such as food, shelter, and transportation. The thrill has gone and in this current economy crisis I should be grateful just to have a good job, so I work harder, stress more, and pray the downsizing doesn’t effect my position. But somewhere in the back of my mind I long for the old days, when if you were young and new to the position you got plenty of praises from management, possibly a raise every six months, you were full of energy and the “let’s go get um” attitude that was your fuel to the top.

So here I sit as close to the top as I want to be, and although I don’t feel the thrill anymore, or have the energy as I once did, I am competent and content, get very few compliments or praises from my superior, but do my work as best I can every day…and oh yea, I am always patiently waiting for the weekend to arrive.

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aims said...

I remember my party days - and compared to now - well .... I wouldn't trade now for then.

They were fun - yup - no doubt about it.

But now. There is contentment in age that I never had when I was young.

I look forward to the weekends for different reasons now. Now I think - oh boy - all the things I can get done that I can't do during the week. And I don't even work!

Life slips by so much quicker now that I am older. I'm always mixing up the days and wondering where they all went to so quickly.

Aging is strange. But reading your leopard and german shephard story made me smile and think - how true!