Friday, January 23, 2009

Amazing Dog!

A co-worker told me of this story and of course I was like, no way, you’re making that up…so I searched on the internet and sure enough it is a true story! This dog is amazing.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- In an amazing story of canine survival California-style, a dog named Dosha has shown she has nearly as many lives as the average cat.

Dosha was hit by a car near her owner's Clearwater, California, home on April 15. Next, a police officer shot her in the head to put her out of her misery. Then, presumed dead, she was put in a freezer at an animal control center.
Two hours later, when a veterinarian opened the door to the freezer, she was shocked to find Dosha, a 10-month-old of mixed-breeding, standing upright in a plastic orange bag -- the equivalent of a human body bag.

Appearing on national television Wednesday, Dosha seemed in fine spirits apart from a gunshot wound to her head and other injuries sustained from being hit by the car.
"When she first came in we called her miracle girl because we couldn't believe what she had gone through and was still with us," said veterinarian Deborah Sally on NBC's "Today" show.

"She's doing amazingly well," added Sally, who said the dog had suffered from hypothermia after being put in the fridge.
This was the only information I could find other than the dog made a full recovery! Hurray for Dosha.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I hope her owner loves and cherishes her forever, because she certainly deserves it after that. It brings goosebumps to my arms to think of it, how close she came to death, but defeated it. Good for her. She deserves the best life ever.

~Marie~ said...

Oh wow! What an amazing story! It's almost as amazing as the story and video of the dog that pulled another dog out of traffic after it was hit by a car.

aims said...

Gosh - I tried to write a comment about this and I kept deleting my mixed up words.

Obviously this has touched me deeply and I wonder about the thoughts of humans at times.