Friday, January 2, 2009


Hubby and I moved from the Northeast back in 2000 to SC; we had the home we are living in now built four years ago, since then we have added a sunroom and many other extras including landscaping, lots of landscaping. The yard has a privacy fence for the three “kids” and we have three bedrooms on one floor for just the kids and us and we always get compliments on how lovely our home is, and it is why then am I looking at other homes for sale?

Well, hubby and I are both from divorces and what little family we have left are up North and one lives here near by, but we don’t see her much anymore, we love her, but she has become a lady of her home. Okay so in 2001 hubby met this great Italian family and ever since we have been included in all family matters, birthdays, holidays, picnics, weddings, you name it and we are there…their children even call us Uncle Snoopy and Aunt C. having them has changed our lives in many ways, in some ways it depresses hubby since his daughters hardly speak to him since the divorce (parent alienation) and yet when the middle one here (from our adopted family) called him from her new cell phone a week ago hubby was grinning from ear to ear and left the conversation with I love you. About brought tears to my eyes, he is a wonderful man, husband, and father, and yet we had two miscarriages so we are together childless.

There is a home for sale across the street from part of this amazing family and I truly love the home and as they say location, location, location. How much better could it be, family across the street! Three loving children, my two best friends (one being the mom of these great kids and the other their “true” aunt who lives in an apartment downstairs in their home), and the man of the house is great as well and he and Lennie get along so well. Okay so the housing market is not so good right now, so selling our home might be a challenge, but as it turns out the man of the house where I am considering moving is in real estate.

Hubby has done so much with our current home, and it does have features we like a lot, hubby’s garage is a shrine to our two corvettes, the sunroom is great when it is raining outside as the dogs come in the sunroom get cleaned up and then come in the house, so why can’t we have this at the new home and have the family as well? The new home not only would we be close to family it is even closer to both our jobs! I come home each day at lunch to let the "kids" out, but I would have someone that could do this for me a couple days a week and save me running back and forth which in turns saves on gas as well.

I guess that is the question of the day...move or stay? Can we move? Will our home sell for what we need it to sell at in time to purchase the other home? So much to think about and yet little time to someone might grab that house in the meantime. I guess we will see what happens and if hubby is still talking about it this weekend. I LOVE the idea of being so close to family and I am sure that although I was happy in my current home when I went out to “family’s” home for New Year’s dinner and then walked across the street and saw the beautiful home for I have desires to move and yet I am afraid if it sells I will may fall back into depression. Crazy way to start the New Year, but I being Italian miss dearly the days when I was a child at my grandparents house in the Catskills and twenty people sat down to Sunday dinner each have that again is like a miracle and a dream come true.

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