Monday, September 26, 2011


Now and again we may be surrounded by many people in our daily life, and yet we feel lonely and isolated. I myself feel this way on many days and it is not that I don’t have people in my life that love me, because I do. I have always felt different than most, unique but not special and dare I say out of sync with the majority.

My regular readers and supporters who have gotten to know me from my blog know that I am a survivor of many evils, child abuse, rape, verbal abuse, and continued torment from one family member that will remain a constant in the forefront of my life until they are called to hell. If any of you are saying to the screen, “you need to seek counseling, please don’t waste that comment on me, as I have had years and years of counseling by some of the best in the business. What I feel is in my heart not my head.

Needless to say, I counted on animals more than humans and I feel perfectly rational in stating this. They are the only ones that do not instigate anguish, know about hate, harbor ill feelings, torment and torture, or raise a fist in rage. But most of us know this already, but what many may not know is that each and every one of my fur-children have their own and distinct personality. One maybe feels sad when I leave, one will play alone, one will always lay on my head no matter how large he gets, one may hate to get brushed and the others may love it. They are like us in that no two are alike. And just like I have different relationships with different people based on our personalities and closeness, I have a similar but different relationship with the fur-kids.

As I have stated in the beginning I can and have felt entirely alone in a group of people, be they friends or strangers, but I can honestly say I have never felt alone in the company of a dog. We share basic trust and traits. We don’t need to speak but yet there is a conversation, we don’t need to touch and yet my heart is touched, we don’t have to look into each other’s eyes, but when I do, I see their soul, and it to me it is as pure as the first snow flakes falling from the heavens. Pure, natural, beautiful, simple, and with it, a calm and overwhelming sense of togetherness, loyalty, and love.

I know that people like me are rare, but I don’t mind at all, it just validates that I am very special and that the bonds I can make with God’s creatures is a gift direct from the heaven’s that only was given to a few honored non-perfect humans like me.

Happy tail wagging everyone.

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