Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dogs are nice and humans, well not so nice

I have determined once again that dogs rule superior than humans on the likeability scale of friends. I had what I thought was a friend, not a close one by any means, but a friend that hubby and I interacted with in a social club. This person wrote a few unkind, very unkind, things concerning me and then even had the audacity to proclaim that hubby has eared the right to “wings” for having to put up with me. Pure putrid cast upon me and my dignity, and yet I am still walking tall as I know who I am, and what I am, and it is not in the manner I was distastefully betrayed.

I am not flawless, never have I claimed to be, and for that matter I am usually pretty tough on myself, but yet this has once again validated my way of thinking…why do people find it necessary to be cruel and cause others to experience hurt; even going so far as to calling them unscrupulous? Is this done maybe just to turn the knife just a smidgen deeper as if to inflict the worst pain with words they can summon to vocalize? What kind of person can be this insensitive to another? A dog would never consider such actions, they just want to always make you feel good and be happy in their presence and treat you with decency, well as much as a dog can.

So please, if you are that unhappy with yourself, don’t use your own pain as encouragement to inflict heartless pain on others. If we all would look deep into our dogs eyes we would see there is not one ounce of hatred, cruelty, or revenge and then maybe we could someday be as noble as they are, and one day we humans can walk the planet together in peace with our own kind.

So as I hug tightly my husband and my four fur-children, I am securing the love of humanity within my own walls and pray someday others realize that their hateful, vile, horrid words do bite as hard as fangs.


Louise said...

How little that "friend" must think of herself so as to be so mean to another person. I just feel if these things are written for everyone to see, then that person must have some deeper issues. To me, that is cyber bullying. So happy to see that she can't touch you. You are secure enough in who you are that this person is only showing the world what a fool she is. Deep breath, say a prayer and toss her and her words to the curb.

CC said...

Louise, you are the best! Need another daughter?