Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lab Report

Today I am just providing some reporting on the Lab breed. Despite the name, the Labrador Retriever originated not in Labrador, but in Newfoundland; the same place one of my favorites, the Newfoundland originates. Many labs were exported to England by fisherman during the 1830's. Eventually, however, the breed died out in Newfoundland because of a tax on dog ownership plus British quarantine laws, which made exporting them less profitable. (Good! don't agree with making profits on dogs, there are to many in need of a forever home).

Hope everyone has a great tail wagging day!


~Marie~ said...

Peanut's best doggy friend is a lab. They have conversations through the fence. You generally hear Rocky's big gruff bark (which isn't so gruff anymore due to age) and then you hear Peanut let out on of his "aahrroooooo" barks. It can be quite funny, except at 6 am. It's not so fun then.

CC said...

I think it is so cute when a big dog and a smaller dog are best friends...so cute!!!