Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random thoughts

God closed a door on me
But opened a new window
I walk on up closer
And view through the pane
Of the glass upon my face.

I must not even think to complain
For He gave me this new view,
To look and see what I can see
And change that for which I can

I see so much before me
And the things that I must do
Come with me said my guide,
And keep an open heart and mind
To all my friends that need a helping hand and for all the love I have received from my human and animal friends God has bestowed upon me, the door never closes without another opening.


Louise said...

Beautiful poem, Christine. Did you write it? I agree wholeheartedly with it because we know God doesn't ever leave us. Period. He is always with us through everything.

CC said...

Thank you so much Louise, yes I wrote it while I was writing it...some times I just get these random thoughts in my head and have to write.

~Marie~ said...

That is really beautiful.

CC said...

Thank you Marie!