Sunday, April 11, 2010

Okay so Abby is now 6 months and she has turned into holly terror! She nipped at my right arm and I slapped her gently on the muzzle and said a FIRM NO! She turned her head and bit hard into my left arm! OUCH!!! So I have to stop letting her be a “puppy” and get down to serious training. She is a Tom Boy through and through, not that sweet little girl I was aiming for.

I know with my help I can make a Southern Belle out of her….yes, maybe? I am going to stay positive and work hard and make this my new most important goal for the next few months. She is very smart and I know with a little bit of education she will show a whole new side, lets just hope it is not her teeth on my backside!


~Marie~ said...

Good luck! She sounds like quite the handful.

CC said...

She is but she is so dang cute!