Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waiting the Arrival

Well today the sun was high above and the temperature was in the high 60’s. A great day to begin my Spring cleaning, outside that is. The bird houses all need washing out so they can welcome the new families in and allow them a comfort abode for their offspring.

I have had baby birds, in numerous nests, for the last three years while here at the house. They are so downy and adorable and I just love to watch the mom swoop into the nest to warm her eggs or to feed the impatient babies.

There has only been one causality that I am aware of, and it is still very upsetting for me to remember the incident. I know Marley is very sorry for he did not know what he was doing. All four of my fur-children love to sit at the window and watch with amazement as they fly back and forth from the neighboring trees to the birdhouses and to the feeders. While outside, they run enthusiastically towards the feeding flocks and I laugh as the flock vanishes to the tree limbs prior to their arrival. I suppose the fur-children take after me, or am I imitating them, in my love for the birds and their antics and beauty?

Well, to the back yard I go once again, as I have only a third of the flower beds cleaned of the debris of the last fall of the colored leaves. As I am writing the feed is flying from the feeders as the afternoon snack time has arrived.

Remember, only God loves you more than your Dog.

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