Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Woman's Best Friend

If you have (had) a dog who has made you laugh, watches you dance out of step and sing out of tune, brightened your life, snuggled with you, never stands you up, watches any movie you put on while placing his head on your knee, silently accepted your tears without judgment and always has a wet nose to Eskimo kiss you to feel better, forgiven your faults, didn't eat your meatball sandwich from the table when you walked away, sees you naked and doesn't comment, always willing to alert you to danger and will do his best to protect you with his own life, and loves(d) you unconditionally, you know for certain you have a very best friend.
Dogs are gifts many don't deserve, but for those that do...treat your fur- child with the love, affection, and give the time he deserves for all he does for you without ever asking for anything in return.

Always remember only God loves you more than your dog.

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