Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Today is New Year’s Eve, the eve of new beginnings and the day we are “supposed” to make our resolutions for the glorious New Year about to unfold. We are supposed to pack away all the ugly and soulless experiences of the past year and make promises to ourselves of greater things to be; a wiped clean slate in which we inaugurate the incoming year with promise and hope.

The gym memberships rise this time of year as does I am sure the sales of natural vitamins. Many are tossing out their bleached white bread and sugar cookies in preparation of stocking their refrigerator and pantry with healthy and organic foods. Detailed lists are being compiled outlining the promises of new and wondrous habits and behavior; quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthy, finish projects already begun months ago or maybe even start a new one. Clean the hall closet or attic, finish a book started months ago, train the dog to do tricks. We all have something on our personal detailed list that is either telling us to stop something bad, or to start something good.

I have not made such a list this year; oh sure I need to lose a few pounds (okay more like a few in the 10 pound range), I should quit smoking (again), and I desperately need to clean my closet, but why do I need to say it has to happen tomorrow morning? Isn’t that just setting myself up for failure? Telling the whole world I have finally, once and for all, made the decision to do what I have been unable to do now for years. As if something magical happens at midnight and just like that my mind is overflowing with only high expectations and goal orientated good, I can tell you right now, it won’t happen.

Oh I know I will eventually clean out the closet, lose a few pounds, and hopefully quit smoking without gaining another twenty pounds, but I will do this on my time, not the world clock and I will not be at the grocery store tomorrow buying all organic foods or watching videos on how to train my four dogs to be better in the new year. To do so would be fooling myself into believing that because the date has changed I have also changed.

I am eternally evolving and unpredictable, we all are to some degree, but for tonight I will share some quiet moments of relaxation, snuggle with my dogs, see the ball drop at midnight, open the front door and invite the new year into my home to bring me peace and happiness. Then I will go to sleep knowing I am a good human with kindness in my heart and hopeful dreams that someday I will ultimately reach all my goals, but not in one day with the world watching.

Happy New Year everyone, and please, go easy on yourselves and be safe

Always remember only God loves you more than your dog.


Myrna said...

Happy New Year, hope 2012 brings you what you are looking for. Love you Myrna and Jerry

~Marie~ said...

Happy New Year CC. I hope 2012 brings you everything you need and want.