Monday, August 29, 2011

Do We Really Want to Change Our Past?

I am sure most you have been asked at one time or another, what in your past would you change if you could, and would you? I have had some very damaging events back in my youth, some horrific exchanges of hate and power thrust upon me, and a family, well, that really wasn’t a family at all.

But to answer my own question of what would I change and would I, my answer is nothing. Honestly, I would not change anything about my past. I firmly believe that every day, hour, or minute of our lives is a building block onto what our next block will come from. Yes some could argue, “why wouldn’t you change the beatings you got every day, or why wouldn’t you change this or that?” My individual opinion is that if I am happy, right now, at this very moment in time, then I have to accept and keep all the decisions, actions, and life’s moments exactly as they occurred or I would not be in this very place I am right now.

It is these very experiences that have shaped our personalities and who we are.
Who we have become and how we approach life is all derived from what we remember about our past. All the wonderful traits of who you are today could possibly be altered by ripples forward if you were change even the tiniest thing from your past.

We are humans, we interact each and everyday with millions of others we don‘t come in immediate contact with, no one lives in an isolation bubble. We all effect other people, with our thoughts, decisions, actions, life events, and so on. So to alter just one thing from the past would additionally modify everyone else’s as well.

Clearly no one can change the past and we must accept and live with our choices and the events from the past that have shaped us and all those around us. We all have a mistake or a pain from our past we would love to abolish. Just the mere thought of having an opportunity where we could throw caution to the wind, reject all risks associated with time travel and the unquestionable ripples, take a deep breath, and jump head first onto those time lines.

Then reality surfaces, and with just a flicker of wishful thinking we know in our heart or hearts that we must all keep moving forward; day by day. To do this we must forgive ourselves of past mistakes or actions, because you can’t go back. Accept the past so you can concentrate on your future, we can control the future. But lest you never forget, everything we do affects someone else is some way, however minor. Also go back and ask yourself again how happy you are in life right now...

We don’t need to press Control/ALT/Delete, more often than not, it is just a simple little fix.

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