Friday, November 6, 2009

Pet H1N1

I was reading in the AP that a 13-year-old Iowa cat has contacted H1N1. It is the first feline case confirmed in the U.S. The cat was treated at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine and it reported to be doing fine. They said that it was contracted as well by two ferrets that unfortunately died from this horrible disease; one was from Oregon and the other from Nebraska.

The story said that the Centers for Disease Control knew that this could happen; that our domestic pets could contract the H1N1 virus and this is the first documented case of a domestic cat or dog with the virus.

I had no idea that this could spread to our fur-children! I know that the world is having enough time manufacturing enough vaccine for us humans and wonder how long before there is one for our pets?

It has been recommended that we use the same precautions with our pets in helping to slow the spread of the flu; wash hands as much as possible to prevent the spread and having any children in the home vaccinated may also help defend against the transfer from child to pet.

It is new for the world now with pets having the flu so it is extremely difficult for the authorities to give us an exact measurement of how sick they may become. I know as a dog mom I will be careful now about play dates as well as letting children near my babies unless I can be sure not to see any “flu” signs like runny nose and such. My dogs are my children and I will protect them as any mom would their human child.

So to all, don’t panic, watch your pets, wash your hands, and stay alert to their health and always always love thy pet.

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