Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sense of Change

The past few weeks have been difficult for me. I found a lump in my breast so I went to my family doctor, who was amazed at what she was feeling, ordered an MRI and ultrasound two weeks out and set up an appointment with an oncologist surgeon. The waiting the two weeks to have the tests was like a cruel joke and now again I am waiting two days for the results of my core biopsy they did yesterday as they did not like what they saw on the ultrasound or MRI from last week.

What has made this bearable? Of course my husband, he has been so understanding and wonderful…doing dishes, hugging me more often, being extra sweet, and giving me the remote! He is a one-of-a-kind angel from heaven.

But as I am home alone all day it is the comfort of my critters that make the time pass. Did you know tears of joy contain different substances than those of sadness or pain and dogs are able to tell the difference? Some people believe that dogs can detect cancer, I don’t know for sure about all that, but I do know my three dogs gave stayed closer to me, snuggled more, and have been by my side every moment now since I first noticed this lump. I don’t think it is that they know the answer to the test results but they can detect that something is out of the ordinary. Their sense of smell, heat detection, and ability to identify patterns of behavior we can't see is part of their design for survival.

It is wonderful, and yet odd, that dogs are not afraid of humans from the moment they are born into this world and that we as humans are so attracted to a species other than our own. Our affection, bond, and intensely intimate relationship with our beloved pets is something not normally found in nature, but it works and I am happy it does because this week would have been unbearable if it were not for my three fur children.


Southern Corvette Lady said...

I was glad you have shared your situation. I knew something was going on but didn't dream it was this. If you need to talk during the day, you can always email me at work anytime. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know what the results are. If there is anything you or Lennie need, we will make it happen. I know I speak for your fellow Carolina Vettepackers also. We love you and Lennie and the dogs!!

~Marie~ said...

I really hope that it's nothing more than a silly cyst, so I'm sending some positive energy your way and saying some prayers.

Dogs are really great. They know when you are sad and happy, and pretty much everything. They can be great support systems. Mom loves that whenever she is feeling down, Peanut does something goofy and makes her laugh.

Marie & Peanut

CC said...

Thank you Cheryl, I know I can count on you and all my vettepack as well. Just 18 more hours until I know.

CC said...

Marie and Peanut,
Thank you so very much for the positive energy...I baked an apple pie and made lasagna as well with my new energy. I will update tomorrow. I appreciate your comments as always and enjoy your writings as well.

Hugs back to you and Peanut,