Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I know having human friends is viewed as one of the greatest accomplishments in life...but to be honest, most of the time I prefer and I am more comfortable with dogs.

My dogs love me no matter what, they are always happy to see me, never lie to me, don't tick me off, always willing to do what I am in the mood to do, either play or rest. They show their honest affection every time they are with me and what more can you ask for. They are sweet, loving, adorable, and most importantly they choose me to be their best companion and to care for them for life...no matter what, I am there for them and they are always there for me with cold noses and wet sloppy kisses.

Four legs over two in many instances make for better and longer lasting friendships.


aims said...

The question is - why can't humanity learn from them?

CC said...

Aims you said the magic words...I hope some day we open our hearts and learn from the animals.

Thank you for your comment!

~Marie~ said...

I agree, I like aims question as well.

Lord knows when I am having a bad day, Peanut is a huge comfort for me. :-)