Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week-Old Puppy Flushed Down the Toilet

OMG!!! I was horrified when I read this headline, but all is well.

Week-Old Puppy Recovering After Being Flushed Down the Toilet
by Kristen Seymour Jun 16th 2009 2:00PM

Dyno, the cocker spaniel puppy, is recovering from a trip down the loo. Photo:

Four-year-old Daniel Blair thought he was being a good boy when he decided to give a week-old cocker spaniel puppy a bath. Unfortunately, the child tried to bathe the puppy in the toilet, and, when he pulled the chain, the tiny pup was flushed right down!

Sky News reports that neighbors were asked not to flush for fear of sending the pup out to the sewer while the fire brigade and RSPCA tried -- but were unable -- to rescue the puppy, which was trapped in a pipe 20 yards from the home.

Drain experts Dyno-Rod were called in for the rescue. They used specialist camera gear to locate the pooch, after which they were able to nudge the animal to a manhole cover so the firemen could grab him.

The puppy, now aptly name Dyno, is recovering, and little Daniel is "so, so sorry." But hey, he learned a lesson -- puppies go in the tub and poopies go in the loo.


~Marie~ said...

I was just as horrified when I read this as I was when I read about the pit bull that had been set on fire here in Maryland. The only difference is that this was a little kid who obviously felt sorry where as for the pitbull the kids that did it thought it was funny.

There is nothing funny about animal abuse.

aims said...

I hate reading stuff like this. It upsets me so much....and now looking at Marie's comment I almost feel sick.

Arghh....poor little things.

CC said...

I can't understand how people can hurt animals, it to me, is as low as hurting a child, they are helpless...sick people share this Earth with us.