Monday, June 8, 2009

Today is my Birthday!

Too much to try and catch everyone up on so I will just start with what is happening now; we are moved into the new house, all changes were made successfully and beautifully and everyone is very happy!

Today I have to take Brock, the dog that I rescued almost a year ago to the vet, doesn’t sound like a difficult task unless you have read previous blogs of mine. Brock has lived with hubby and me since August 2008 and he does not allow anyone to touch, pet, or get with five feet of him except me. He is a very loving dog and will play and give kisses and snuggle on the sofa…again only with me. I had advised my vet about Brock and they said to just bring him in and see what happens. That scares me, I am not so worried about them, it is Brock I don’t want to traumatize. I will update how it went tomorrow.

Today, my birthday, will be spent, other than the vet visit this afternoon, relaxing with the dogs and tending to the vegetable garden until the 90 degree heat hits and then inside to watch a movie with the AC on high!

PS: It has been over 2 months now that I quit smoking!


~Marie~ said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Southern Corvette Lady said...

Enjoyed the cookout at your house!!
The Carolina Vettepack had such a great time and the food & company were terrific!!

Congratulations on your quitting smoking! Remember smokers are just job security for healthcare professionals. Hope you are smoke-free for life!!