Saturday, August 1, 2009

Discussing a Blog

I was reading an article today from someone talking about blogs so I thought I would discuss it as well, in my own way. There are a startling number of blogs that get started and then get abandoned in cyber space for eternity, many are just on line journals of someone’s life, and some offer a point of view or are trying to sell or promote something, others are written on every so often with no real dedication or specific direction, but in my opinion, what your blog is to you, is the right blog for you. I don’t feel there is a wrong or right way, it just all depends on your style and what you had hoped to accomplish with your blog.

Me, I had just wanted to get some thoughts out, speak some on what I feel is important (Pet food recalls,taking care of your pet), share some laughs (Jasper and the unbaked yeast rolls), share tears on heart breaking stories of animal cruelty (to many here to want to think of), but at the same time rejoice when there is triumph in the animal world (A wonderful dog going home after having been missing for 9 years!), to share a story of amazing dogs (The Amazing Skidboot), and post cute and adorable pictures for us all to be in awe over and to bring a smile.

So with that said, because of my great LOVE for animals, especially dogs, I will offer a tip a day on animal care. Hope you are here each day and share the experience.

PS: Happy Birthday to my fur children Marley and Brock who are two Friday the 31st. I have Marley's picture from last year to share now as this years party is not until Sunday and I will post then.

PSS: Brock and Marley are brothers, but Brock did not come to live with us until shortly after the one year birthday. I found out he was still at the shelter having lived his whole life there and I could not let that be his life forever...he was with us and his brother in less than 2 weeks once I contacted Lori at Pet Tender Angels. Life is GOOD!


~Marie~ said...

I think Blogs can be whatever you want them to be. For me my blog is kind of like an interactive journal with pictures. I love sharing pictures and the things I get into. Sometimes it's shopping. Sometimes it's about my dog. Sometimes it's some music. It just depends on the day.

CC said...

I agree with you Marie, a blog should be whatever you want whenever you want.